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Dear Luxury Traveler,

Happy Friday! Today we want to share the villa portion of our website with you. Some of you may already know about our extensive villa collection but for those of you that don't, or haven't visited us in a while, we encourage you to head on over and take a look! You can either go to or click on the "Villas" tab located above in the menu bar of this website.

From country villas to city apartments, we offer a curated inventory of luxurious & unique properties for our valued customers to enjoy. While a majority of our collection consists of Italian villas (located anywhere from the Alps to southern Sicily), we have recently expanded to also include a lovely handful of French villas in the charming region of Provence!

As with everything we do, our service does not stop once you book a property with us. We can continue to be as involved (or uninvolved) as you would like! We have fabulous local connections both personally & within our Virtuoso network, enabling us to organize any experience you may desire during your stay.

So, whether you are looking to spend some time exploring pre or post cruise or are interested in a 2 week escape amongst the rolling hills of Tuscany, feel free to reach out to your team here at Specialty Cruise & Villas. We would love to help!

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